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While searching for employment opportunities within the health insurance industry, Tawuann considered all possibilities and realized that her job loss was an opportunity for her to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship. She decided that if she didn’t seize the opportunity to step out on faith and do what she had dreamed of for years, her dream would stay just that, a dream… never realized. Determined to turn her dream into a reality, and to help and inspire other women, she contacted her lifelong friend Starr, who had expressed a desire to own a handbag and accessory store one day. Together the two joined forces to open “Green and Glamorous Upscale Resale Boutique” allowing them to realize their dream of business ownership. Now in 2016 she is expanding her operations to include this online shopping experience. The goal is to allow everyone the chance to purchase these quality items and enjoy saving money and items from being thrown away!